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Component to display an image.


  • src | string (required): image source location. Default: none.
  • alt | string: image description. Default: ''.
  • body | string: base64 encoded data of image. Default: none.
  • height | (number|string): image height (in px). Default: none.
  • width | (number|string): image width (in px). Default: none.
  • inline | boolean: allows the image to be surrounded by text. Default: false.
  • id | string: component identifier. Default: none.
  • showModal | boolean: controls whether to display fullscreen modal view. Default: true.
  • className | string: class name. Default: ''.
  • style | object: CSS inline styles. Default: {}.
  • onShare | function: callback invoked with the image if the "share" button is clicked. Default: none.


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