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ISLE Documentation

Author Lessons for the Integrated Statistics Learning Environment

Welcome to the documentation of the interactive statistics learning environment (ISLE) and the ISLE Editor for authoring interactive lessons for statistics and related disciplines. One of our aims is to encourage instructors at universities and other learning institutions to use it for their purposes. For questions, please contact us via email at pgb AT

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

A selection of video tutorials help you get started and see how ISLE may be incorporated into your classroom.

Video Tutorials

Project Website

Information on the features of ISLE and related research projects informing its development are available on the project website.

Video Tutorials


Answers to common questions on how to leverage ISLE for your class are collected in our FAQ.

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ISLE Editor

Use the ISLE editor to create new ISLE lessons, ranging from interactive lectures to lab activities or homework assignments.

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ISLE Dashboard

Use the ISLE dashboard to manage your course, administer lessons, and monitor student progress.

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ISLE Server

Host an ISLE server instance for user management and data collection or deploy to an existing server.