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LaTeX Equations

TeX is an ISLE element that can be used to display LaTeX equations.


  • raw | (string|number) (required): The literal LaTeX string to render. Also accepts numbers. Default: none.
  • displayMode | boolean: boolean indicating whether to display the equation inline or in display mode. Default: false.
  • numbered | boolean: controls whether to display an equation number for display mode equations. Default: false.
  • style | object: object with CSS key-value pairs to be applied to the equation container. Default: {}.
  • tag | string: Custom characters displayed for display equations at the right side. Defaults to the number of the equation inside the lesson. Default: none.
  • elems | object: object with keys denoting LaTeX characters and their corresponding values being configuration objects to make them interactive. Setting a tooltip option will show a tooltip when hovering over the LaTeX characters. Setting a variable property will display an input slider to change the respective state variable; in this case, additional properties legend, min, max, and step are supported. Default: {}.
  • popoverPlacement | string: popover position for the specified elems (either top, right, bottom, or left). Default: 'bottom'.
  • onPopover | function: callback function when a control popover is toggled on or off; receives the display status as a boolean as its sole argument. Default: onPopover() {}.
  • onClick | function: callback function invoked whenever a user clicks on the equation. Default: none.


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