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Plotly visualization.


  • data | array (required): data array. Default: none.
  • draggable | boolean: controls whether the plot should be draggable. Default: false.
  • editable | boolean: controls whether labels of the created plot are editable. Default: false.
  • id | string: component identifier. Default: none.
  • layout | object: Plotly layout object. Default: {}.
  • config | object: Plotly configuration options (see: Default: {}.
  • legendButtons | boolean: controls whether to display buttons for changing the legend. Default: true.
  • meta | object: plot meta-information. Default: none.
  • revision | number: when provided, causes the plot to update when the revision value is incremented. Default: none.
  • style | object: CSS inline styles. Default: {}.
  • onAfterPlot | function: callback function invoked each time a chart is plotted. Default: onAfterPlot() {}.
  • onClick | function: callback function invoked when any element is clicked. Default: onClick() {}.
  • onInitialized | function: callback invoked once plot is initialized; called with figure (object with three keys corresponding to input props: data, layout, and frames) and the DOM node graphDiv. Default: onInitialized() {}.
  • onLegendClick | function: callback function invoked when legend item is clicked. Default: onLegendClick() {}.
  • onLegendDoubleClick | function: callback function invoked when legend item is double-clicked. Default: onLegendDoubleClick() {}.
  • onRelayout | function: callback function invoked when relayout is triggered. Default: onRelayout() {}.
  • onSelected | function: callback function invoked when elements are selected. Default: onSelected() {}.
  • onShare | function: callback function invoked when clicking on the "Share" button. Default: none.
  • removeButtons | boolean: controls whether to remove all buttons (aside from fullscreen button if enabled). Default: false.
  • toggleFullscreen | boolean: controls whether to allow displaying the plot in fullscreen mode. Default: true.


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