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Setting Up an Account and Course

Creating an ISLE Account#

If you do not have an ISLE account, the first step is to create one so that you can make a course, add students, and upload lessons. To create an account, go to and click Sign up. Then enter your name, email address, and desired password, and click Sign up.

Logging In#

Once you have an account, you can log in at Logging in will take you to your ISLE dashboard; the first time you log in, your dashboard will be empty except for your user profile and will look something like this:

Initial Dashboard

If you are already part of a course, you might not see your profile when you log in. To view your profile, click your name in the top right, next to the Log Out button.

Instructor Access#

As you can see in the image above, when you first make an account you will not have instructor access to ISLE. Creating and managing a course requires instructor access:

  1. Contact Philipp Burckhardt ([email protected]) to obtain a write-access token.
  2. If your profile is not displayed, navigate to your profile by clicking your name in the top right (next to the Log Out button).
  3. Click Edit Profile, on the left of the page.
  4. Click Get Instructor Access.
  5. Enter the write-access token and click Submit.

Instructor Access

Creating a Course#

Next, you'll want to make a course.

  1. Click on the blue Create a new course button in the top bar of the dashboard (pencil symbol).
  2. Enter a Title for the course.
  3. Enter a Description of the course.
  4. Click Create.

Create Course

Cohorts for Student Enrollment#

To make a course visible for students to enroll, we also need to create one or more cohorts. When students enroll in the course on ISLE, they will select from the cohorts available. Making multiple cohorts is useful if your class has different lab or lecture sections, in which case we recommend making a cohort for each section. Even if you will only have one cohort, that still needs to be created so that students can enroll in the course.

To create a cohort:

  1. Select your course from the dropdown menu (the four horizontal lines in the top bar of the dashboard).
  2. Click Edit Course (blue symbol of pencil in square).
  3. Under Manage Cohorts click Create Cohort.
  4. Enter a title for the cohort and choose start and end dates.
  5. You can manually add students with existing accounts by entering their emails, or you can leave this field blank and have them enroll when they create an account (recommended).
  6. By default, once a cohort has been created students can enroll in that cohort. To keep the cohort private, click the Tick to prevent students from enrolling box.
  7. You may add an optional email filter (generally recommended). Only accounts created with an email containing this expression can enroll in the course. For example, to make the course available only to Carnegie Mellon students, I could enter into the filter. This allows you to require students to use their school email address, for example, which is very helpful for attributing ISLE work to the correct student.
  8. Click Create.

Tip: it can be helpful to make a course or a cohort that students cannot enroll in, to post demo lessons or scratchwork for your own use.

Create Cohort

Adding Course Administrators#

You may want to give course administrator/owner access to someone else with an ISLE account, for example a TA or co-instructor. Course ownership is separate and distinct from ISLE instructor access: getting ISLE instructor access, through the use of a write-access token as discussed above, allows the user to create and manage a new course, whereas course ownership allows the user to edit an existing course. Users can be course owners without an ISLE write-access token, and conversely users with ISLE instructor access cannot edit your course unless you give them ownership.

To add a user as a course administrator/owner:

  1. Select your course from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click Edit Course (blue symbol of pencil in square).
  3. Under Owners, type the account email address of the desired user.
  4. Press Enter, so the email address is displayed in grey with an 'X'.
  5. Click Update.

To remove an owner, click the 'X' next to their email address.

Add Owner

Adding Lessons#

Once your course is set up, you'll want to add lessons (these could be projects, labs, homeworks, lecture notes, etc). There are currently two ways to add lessons: importing existing lessons from the Gallery, and uploading lessons using the ISLE editor. Subsequent tutorials will teach you how to use the ISLE editor, so here we'll just cover how to import an existing lesson.

  1. Click on the blue Gallery button in the top bar (eye symbol).
  2. For the desired lesson, click Import.
  3. Choose the course to import the lesson to, and the lesson name.
  4. Click Import.

To see the lesson now in your course, select your course from the drop-down menu. You may need to refresh the page first.

Import Lesson

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