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You may either download prebuilt binaries of the ISLE editor or built it yourself from the source code. The latter is only recommended in case you would like to contribute to the development of ISLE or be able to pull in the latest features.


Current version: v0.76.22.

Download the isle-editor for Windows (.exe)

Download the isle-editor for macOS (.dmg)

Download the isle-editor for Linux (.AppImage) (alternative: .deb)

Build from Source


Developing and running the ISLE Editor has the following prerequisites:

  • git: version control
  • Node.js: JavaScript runtime (version >= 14.0)


To acquire the source code, clone the git repository.

$ git clone


To install development dependencies,

$ npm install


To live-edit the ISLE Editor,

$ npm run dev

Editing source files will result in changes appearing directly without reloading.


To build the Electron application,

$ npm run build

The bundled version can be started with

$ npm start


To package the editor as a standalone application for the current operating system, run

$ npm run package

To bundle for all operating systems, run

$ npm run package-all


The ISLE editor uses Jest for unit tests. To run the tests, execute the following command in the top-level application directory:

$ npm test

To only run the tests for a single component or function, use

$ npm run test -- -t "name-of-spec"