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Summary Statistics

Summary statistics.


  • data | object (required): object of value arrays. Default: none.
  • variables | array<string> (required): variable(s) for which to calculate statistics. Default: none.
  • statistics | array<string>: statistics(s) to calculate for the selected variables (either 'Mean', Median, Min, Max, Range, Interquartile Range, Standard Deviation, Variance, Correlation, Correlation Matrix, Skewness, Excess Kurtosis, First Quartile, Third Quartile, or Quantile). Default: none.
  • secondVariable | string: second variable for correlation statistic. Default: none.
  • omit | boolean: controls whether to omit missing values. Default: false.
  • group | array<(string|Factor)>: name of grouping variable(s). Default: none.
  • quantiles | array: array of quantiles to calculate for Quantile statistic. Default: none.


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