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An approval seal.


  • active | boolean: controls whether seal is active or grayed out. Default: true.
  • onClick | function: callback function invoked when the note is clicked. Default: onClick() {}.
  • scale | number: object size (if not explicitly set, the seal is not rescaled). Default: none.
  • innerStyle | object: the style for the inner circle. Default: {}.
  • lower | string: the lower text. Default: 'The lower text'.
  • lowerArc | number: the arc for the lower text. Default: 150.
  • noOrnaments | boolean: prevents rendering of the ornaments. Default: false.
  • removable | boolean: controls whether the note is removed when clicked. Default: false.
  • style | object: the style for the element. Default: none.
  • title | (string|node): seal title. Default: 'Enter a title'.
  • upper | string: the upper text. Default: 'The upper text'.
  • upperArc | number: the arc for the upper text. Default: 150.


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