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Proportions Survey

Component that allows a group of people to vote on the weights and importance of given options.


  • allowMultipleAnswers | boolean: controls whether one wishes to allow students to answer the survey multiple times. Default: false.
  • anonymous | boolean: controls whether student answers are anonymized. Default: false.
  • colors | array: array of colors for the pie chart components. If not defined, a pre-defined color scale will be used. Default: none.
  • disabled | boolean: controls whether the survey is deactivated. Default: false.
  • group | string: group display heading. Default: 'group results'.
  • groupHeight | number: proportions input height for group display (in px). Default: 100.
  • legends | array: legend labels that describe the options to be weighed. Default: [].
  • margin | string: proportion input margin (in px). Default: '40px'.
  • onSubmit | function: callback function invoked once students submits an answer. Default: onSubmit() {}.
  • personalHeight | number: proportions input height for individual student (in px). Default: 200.
  • precision | number: displayed precision of proportion values. Default: 2.
  • question | (string|node): the question to be displayed. Default: ''.
  • step | number: the step of the arrows seen when hovering the cursor above the input box. Default: 0.25.


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