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Data Table

A component rendering data in a tabular display. Built on top of react-table.


  • data | (array|object) (required): A data object or array to be viewed. If it is an object, the keys correspond to column values while an array will expect an array of objects with a named field corresponding to each column. Default: none.
  • dataInfo | object: object with info string array describing the data set, the name of the dataset, an object of variables with keys corresponding to variable names and values to variable descriptions, an a showOnStartup boolean controlling whether to display the info modal on startup. Default: { 'info': [], 'name': '', 'variables': null, 'showOnStartup': false }.
  • deletable | boolean: controls whether columns for which no info exist have a button which when clicked calls the onColumnDelete callback function. Default: false.
  • undeletableVars | array<string>: array of variable names of columns which may not be deleted. Default: [].
  • filterable | boolean: controls whether columns are filterable. Default: true.
  • editable | array: array of names for columns that shall be editable. Default: [].
  • getTrProps | function: callback function executed for each row to customize its styling (passed table state, row info, column, and the table instance). Default: none.
  • onColumnDrag | function: function invoked when a column has been dragged to a different position. Default: onColumnDrag() {}.
  • onColumnDelete | function: function invoked with the name of a column when the respective delete button for a column is clicked. Default: onColumnDelete() {}.
  • onColumnNameChange | function: function invoked when a column has been renamed (called with the old name as first and new name as second argument). Default: onColumnNameChange() {}.
  • onClickRemove | function: function specifying an action to take for rows removed from the data (defaults to an empty function). Default: onClickRemove() {}.
  • onEdit | function: function invoked with the updated data set after the value of a cell was changed by the user (only applies when table is editable). Default: onEdit() {}.
  • onTutorialCompletion | function: function invoked when user has completed the data table tutorial. Default: onTutorialCompletion() {}.
  • filters | array: array of filters. Default: [].
  • onFilteredChange | function: function invoked with the current filters after data has been filtered by user. Default: onFilteredChange() {}.
  • showRemove | boolean: indicates whether to display checkboxes for rows to be removed. Default: false.
  • showIdColumn | boolean: controls whether to show an ID column. Default: true.
  • disableDownload | boolean: whether to hide the button to download the data as a CSV or JSON file. Default: false.
  • className | string: class name. Default: ''.
  • style | object: An object allowing for custom css styling. Defaults to an empty object. Default: {}.


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