A quiz component displaying a sequence of question components.


            question="Approximately in which range lie 99% of observations drawn from a standard normal distribution?"
            question="What is the number PI - three digits after the period"

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  • confidence | boolean: whether to display a Likert scale asking for the confidence of the user's answer. Default: false.
  • forceConfidence | boolean: controls whether a user has to supply a confidence level before moving to the next question. Default: false.
  • count | number: number of questions to include in the quiz. Default: none.
  • questions | array (required): array of questions from which questions will be randomly selected. Default: none.
  • active | boolean: controls whether the timer for the quiz is active. Default: true.
  • duration | number: duration of the quiz; once time is up, the summary page will be displayed. Default: none.
  • skippable | boolean: controls whether questions in the quiz are skippable. Default: true.
  • footerNodes | array: array of nodes to be displayed in the footer of each question. Default: [].
  • nextLabel | string: label of button to advance to next question. Default: 'Next Question'.
  • showFinishButton | boolean: controls whether to display button to finish quiz and jump directly to results page. Default: false.
  • finishLabel | string: label of button to finish quiz. Default: 'Finish Quiz'.
  • onFinished | function: callback invoked when the quiz is finished and the results page is displayed. Default: onFinished() {}.
  • onSubmit | function: callback invoked when user submits an answer. Default: onSubmit() {}.

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