The plotly function is a generic plotting function used to handle multiple types of data; primarily count-based data. The function furthermore allows for swift integration of plotting functionality in js.

        values: [ 24, 7, 0.5 ],
        labels: [ 'English', 'Spanish', 'Other' ],
        type: 'pie'
    layout={{ width: 300 }}

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  • data | array (required): data array. Default: none.
  • editable | boolean: controls whether labels of the created plot are editable. Default: false.
  • id | string: component identifier. Default: none.
  • layout | object: Plotly layout object. Default: {}.
  • legendButtons | boolean: controls whether to display buttons for changing the legend. Default: true.
  • onShare | function: callback function invoked when clicking on the "Share" button. Default: none.
  • removeButtons | boolean: controls whether to remove all buttons. Default: false.
  • toggleFullscreen | boolean: controls whether to display the plot in fullscreen mode. Default: true.

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