The News component scans the public News API (consisting of 71 international newspapers) and displays the latest 10 articles of the given newspaper. There are two ways to enter a source: one by typing into the search field and submitting via the ENTER button, the second via voice.


    onArticles={(data) => {
        console.log( data );
    } }

Open interactive preview


  • invisible | boolean: indicates whether to show the input fields or rely solely on voice control to be triggered. Default: false.
  • key | string: authentication key for the News API. Default: '2987fd19bd374249979c4e38e40ef8b8'.
  • language | string: language identifier. Default: 'en-US'.
  • voiceID | string: voice control identifier. Default: none.
  • onArticles | function: callback function invoked with an array of article objects once they are received. Default: onArticles() {}.

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