Multiple Choice Survey

A survey component in which the instructor may collect multiple-choice survey data from students in real-time.


    question="Are you left- or right-handed"
    answers={[ 'Left-handed', 'Right-handed' ]}/>

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  • id | string (required): component identifier. Default: none.
  • question | string: string indicating the question to ask the students. Default: ''.
  • allowMultipleAnswers | boolean: controls whether one wishes to allow students to answer the survey multiple times. Default: false.
  • anonymous | boolean: controls whether student answers are anonymized. Default: false.
  • answers | array: array indicating answer choices for the students. Default: [].
  • multipleAnswers | boolean: indicates whether students may select more than one answer. Note that this differs from allowMultipleAnswers in that allow makes students able to submit the question multiple times. Default: false.
  • title | string: panel title. Default: 'Survey'.
  • style | object: CSS inline styles. Default: {}.
  • onSubmit | function: function to be called when an answer is submitted. Default: onSubmit() {}.

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