Multiple Choice Question

An ISLE component that renders a multiple choice question. It supports the case where the learner has to select a single answer and when there might be multiple correct answers and all correct ones must be picked.


        {content:"There's a 0.7% chance that average birthweights are the same among smoking and non-smoking mothers", explanation:""},
        {content:"If the null were true, the probability of observing this large a difference in average birthweights in our data is 0.7%", explanation:""},
        {content:"The probability that the confidence interval does not contain the true mean difference is 0.7%", explanation:""},
        {content:"Average birthweights are 0.7% higher among babies born to non-smoking mothers", explanation:""}
    question="4. Which of the following is an accurate interpretation of the p-value?"

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  • question | (string|node): the question displayed at the top of the multiple choice component. Default: ''.
  • solution | (number|array): number denoting which answer is correct or an array of the correct answer numbers in case the learner should be able to select multiple answers. Default: none.
  • answers | array (required): an array of answer objects. Each answer should be an object with content and explanation fields, which denote the displayed answer option and an explanation visible after the question has been submitted to explain why the answer is correct or incorrect. Default: none.
  • hintPlacement | string: placement of the hints (either top, left, right, or bottom). Default: 'bottom'.
  • hints | array<string>: hints providing guidance on how to answer the question. Default: [].
  • feedback | boolean: controls whether to display feedback buttons. Default: false.
  • disabled | boolean: controls whether the question is disabled. Default: false.
  • chat | boolean: controls whether the element should have an integrated chat. Default: false.
  • provideFeedback | string: if full, feedback including the correct answer is displayed after learners submit their answers; if incremental, feedback is only displayed for the selected answer; if none, no feedback is returned. Default: 'incremental'.
  • disableSubmitNotification | boolean: controls whether to disable submission notifications. Default: false.
  • displaySolution | boolean: controls whether the solution is displayed upfront. Default: false.
  • voiceID | string: voice control identifier. Default: none.
  • style | object: CSS inline styles. Default: {}.
  • onChange | function: callback invoked every time the selected answer changes; receives the index of the selected question as its sole argument (or an array in case the question is of type "Choose all that apply"). Default: onChange(){}.
  • onSubmit | function: callback invoked after an answer is submitted. Default: onSubmit(){}.

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