Select Input

A select input component. Can be used as part of an ISLE dashboard or standalone. In the latter case, you want to handle changes via the onChange attribute or bind the value to a global variable via the bind attribute.


    legend="Choose the test direction"

Open interactive preview


  • bind | string: name of global variable for the number to be assigned to. Default: ''.
  • clearable | boolean: boolean value indicating whether one may clear choice(s) made. Default: none.
  • defaultValue | (number|string|array): default value of the input at startup. Default: none.
  • disabled | boolean: controls whether the input is active or not. Default: false.
  • inline | boolean: indicates whether the input is displayed inline. Default: false.
  • legend | (string|node): text displayed next to the input. Default: ''.
  • multi | boolean: controls whether one may select multiple answers. Default: false.
  • onChange | function: callback function to be invoked when a choice is made. Default: onChange() {}.
  • options | array: array of indicating the choices available the user. Default: [].
  • placeholder | string: value to be displayed before an initial choice is made. Default: 'Select...'.

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