Checkbox Input

A checkbox input component. Can be used as part of an ISLE dashboard or standalone. In the latter case, you want to handle changes via the onChange attribute or bind the value to a global variable via the bind attribute.


    legend="Take the logarithm"

Open interactive preview

Note: To see a prior version of the demonstration, visit the old link


  • bind | string: name of global variable for the checkbox value to be assigned to. Default: ''.
  • defaultValue | boolean: A boolean value indicating the default value of the checkbox. Default: false.
  • disabled | boolean: indicates whether the input is active or not. Default: false.
  • inline | boolean: indicates whether the checkbox is displayed inline. Default: false.
  • onChange | function: callback function to be invoked when checkbox is clicked. The function is called with the current checkbox value. Default: onChange() {}.
  • legend | (string|node): text displayed next to the checkbox'. Default: ''.

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