A dashboard for combining the handling of multiple child input fields.


<Dashboard title="Alerter" onGenerate={(x)=>{ alert(x) }}>
        legend="Input value"

Open interactive preview


  • autoStart | boolean: if set to true, the onGenerate function is executed at startup with the default input values. Default: true.
  • autoUpdate | boolean: controls whether the onGenerate function should be invoked automatically when one of the child input fields changes. Default: false.
  • description | string: dashboard description. Default: ''.
  • disabled | boolean: controls whether the dashboard shall be disabled. Default: false.
  • label | string: button label. Default: 'Generate'.
  • maxWidth | number: maximum width of dashboard. Default: 600.
  • style | object: CSS inline styles. Default: {}.
  • onGenerate | function: function invoked when the button is clicked or one of the dashboard input values changes (if autoUpdate is set to true). The function is called with the values of the input fields, in the order in which they are placed in the dashboard. Default: onGenerate() {}.
  • title | (string|node): card title. Default: ''.

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