A component which displays its children in a slideshow or carousel.


<Slider title="Questions to explore:" >
    <p>Try generating new samples of the Normal data. You'll notice that the points don't always lie exactly on the line. This is typical variation. As you generate more random realizations of this plot you'll get better calibrated to the kind of deviation you can expect to see from this large a sample of Normal data.</p>
    <p>How do the normal qq plots change as you vary the df parameter for the t-distributed data?</p>
    <p>Can you tell just by looking at the histograms that the data aren't normally distributed? Is it easier to tell from the QQ plots?</p>
    <p>How do the normal qq plots change as you vary the shape parameter in the gamma-distributed data?</p>

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  • fade: boolean indicating whether fading is used for transitioning between the slides. Default: false.
  • infinite: boolean indicating whether the slideshow wraps around it's contents. Default: false.
  • interval: sets the interval of the automatic change
  • title: string with a title for the slideshow / carousel to be displayed at its top. Default: ''.

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