R Table

Component for rendering a R data frame or matrix in a tabular display.


    code={`data <- matrix( runif(16), nrow=4, ncol=4)

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  • code: R code string from which to form the table. The last line must refer to a data.frame or matrix. Default: ''.
  • columnNames: array of strings specifying the column names of the table. Setting this attribute overrides any existing column names attached to the R object, which will be used otherwise. Default: null.
  • columnWidth: number or array of values specifying the exact column width(s) of the table (in px). Default: null.
  • maxHeight: number giving the maximum height of the created table (in px). A vertical scrollbar appears in case not all rows fit. Default: 600.
  • prependCode: string or an Array of R code to be prepended to the code stored in code when evaluating. Default: ''.
  • width: number giving the width of the created plot (in percent). Default: 0.5.

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