JavaScript Shell

An interactive Javascript Shell that can be used to execute JavascriptCommand. The shell contains a console that displays error messages, warnings etc.


<JSShell id = "jseditor" 
        code = "var a = 22;" >

Open interactive preview


  • chat: this boolean indicates whether student may interact on this component via chat. Default: false. *code: a string that contains code that will be displayed in the
  • hints: For programming questions, an Array of strings providing guidance on how to approach the problem. Default: []. *onEvaluate: callback function that returns the code which is executed in the internal eval process
  • solution: For programming questions, an Javascript code string representing the official solution can be supplied. Default: ''.
  • disabled: a boolean flag that allows the solution just to be seen after all the hints are exhausted
  • vars: an object that can be handed over to the JSShell context (not implemented yet)

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