Free Text Question

An ISLE component for questions where the answers by the students should be supplied in the form of free text.


    question="What is the p-value your obtained for this test?" 

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  • question: the question displayed at the top of the free text question component.
  • hints: an Array of strings providing guidance on how to answer the question. Default: [].
  • onChange: callback function invoked every time the text area value changes. Default: null.
  • resizable: boolean controlling whether the text area should be resizable. Default: none.
  • rows: number of rows of the text field for students to type their answers into. Default: 5.
  • solution: a string giving a model answer to the problem. Default: ''.
  • submissionMsg: string which is displayed as a notification when the learner first submits his answer. Default: Compare your answer with solution using the "Show Solution" button. You can then change your answer and re-submit if necessary..
  • resubmissionMsg: string which is displayed as a notification for all submissions after the first one. Default: You have successfully re-submitted your answer..

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