Data Table

A component rendering data in a tabular display. Built on top of react-table.


    onClickRemove={( data ) => { console.log(data); }}
        firstName: [ 'Hans', 'Lotti', 'Fritz' ], 
        lastName: [ 'Bauer', 'Müller', 'Schultz' ],
        age: [ 37, 55, 62 ]

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  • data: object holding a multitude of arrays.
  • showRemove: boolean allowing to remove data entries individually. Default: false.
  • onClickRemove: callback function which is triggered after the checkbox to remove an entry has been clicked. The function is called with the complete data-set as its first argument, augmented with a removed property allowing one to differentiate between the items.
  • style: object for styling the tables. Default: {}.

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