Color Picker

A wrapper for the react-color colorpicker.


<ColorPicker onChangeComplete={ color => {
    const out = color;
    /* e.g., returns 
            "hsl": {"h":~250,"s":~0.4967,"l":~0.2063,"a":1},
}} />

Open interactive preview


  • color: string holding an HeX code or an object holding RGB or HSL values such as { r: 255, g: 255, b: 255 } or { h: 0, s: 0, l: .10 }, which determines the active color. Both accept an a property for alpha values other than one.
  • onChange: callback function invoked every time color is changed. Default: null.
  • onChangeComplete: callback function invoked once a color change is complete. Default: null.
  • disableAlpha: boolean governing whether to remove alpha slider and options. Default: false.
  • presetColors: Array of HeX strings specifying the default colors at the bottom of the colorpicker. Default: ['#D0021B', '#F5A623', '#F8E71C', '#8B572A', '#7ED321', '#417505', '#BD10E0', '#9013FE', '#4A90E2', '#50E3C2', '#B8E986', '#000000', '#4A4A4A', '#9B9B9B', '#FFFFFF']
  • width: number giving the width of the colorpicker (in px). Default: 200.

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